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ав.jpgSince 2002, SILENA Company specializes in the production and supply of fasteners, flanges, pipeline accessories and details for petrochemical, chemical, iron and steel, fuel and energy enterprises, and also for housing and communal services.

SILENA Company makes special fasteners (studs for flange coupling) of different steel grades.

Since 2010, SILENA Company is the regional representative of Pervouralsky Plant of Procurement for Pipelines (Closed Joint-Stock Company "PZKT", city of Pervouralsk, Russia) which is one of the major manufacturers of pipeline details (bends, branches, line tees, pipe stoppers, pipe reducers) in the Middle Urals.

Since 2011, SILENA Company is the authorized dealer of Open Joint-Stock Company "Armagus" (the city of Gus-Khrustalny, Vladimir Region) which is the manufacturer of pipeline accessories (bellows operated, pressure safety, cutoff, adjusting, shut off control valves; pressure safety valve units; valve trims, slide valves of cast iron, steel, stainless steel, etc.).

One of the SILENA's activities is the production and supply of the ice-melting materials (sand mix, ice-melting reagents), nonmetallic materials (sand, large gravel), industrial chemistry products (industrial salt, fertilizers, chalky flour).

In its activity, SILENA Company focuses on the long-term and effective cooperation with each client.

Having our own production and a substantial rate of the finished products' content in stock, we can guarantee prompt satisfying the needs of your enterprise.

According to the terms of cooperation, we offer a flexible system of discounts and individual approach to provide a high probability of client's satisfaction.

We are always open for cooperation!